The winners of the raffle are…


Location: Fakarava Atoll, Tuamotos Archipelago


The biggest winners of our raffle were the Marquesan kids and their marine reserve: our community raised $2500 for them in just one week! THANK YOU to each one of the 22

participants of our raffle and everyone who helped spread the word. 

Want to support even though the raffle is over? Send money via Paypal to with the note “kid’s reserve”. 

Thanks to our 22 raffle participants:

Matt & Diyana Dobberteen

Douglas Bagby

Spencer MacRae

Jackie & Jean-Claude Littee

Bob & Susie Beadle

Kristian & Sabrina

Adam and Kendra Goodman

Terri MacRae

Michael Payne

Stephanie Marta

Jay Seiden & Dionne Woods

Keri & Brian Hope

Melanie McCutchan

Juliet Wilkins

Deena Rosen

Brian Rossini

Sara DeMars

Connie Burdick

Eric Lohela 

Roxanne Larsen

Daniel Howard

Adam Weinberg



Red shell necklace: Matt & Diyana Dobberteen

Wooden Tiki Carving: Jay Seiden

Shell Lei from Reao Atoll: Adam and Kendra

Tapa of Tiki: Jean-Claude and Jackie Littée

Pandanus Goatskin hat: Roxanne Larsen

Black Pearls: Michael Payne

Congratulation to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated, and helped to give back a little bit to the amazing Marquesas Islands. 


We will transfer funds next week to the non profit Motu Haka, who is the driving force behind the rennaissance of Marquesan culture, and who are now supporting the creation of marine reserves in the archipelago. 

Read more about how we found the prizes during our travels:

Learn about the Kid’s Reserve:

Why Funds are needed:


Our anchorage in Fakarava during sunrise. We are so grateful to our community for rallying behind this cause!


6 thoughts on “The winners of the raffle are…

  1. Awesome so happy to win such a lovely memento from your travels. Way to pay your fortunes forward. Well done! Very proud of u both!

  2. What a beautiful example of each of us making a difference and stepping up for a cause when we sense it will seed progressive changes – in the ways that we can! I will treasure the red and black necklace as will Matt. It is very dear to think that Matt, Melanie and I (and you two) know the family, the village and the island it came from! Merci for all that you are doing!

  3. Please send me addresses for all but Michael Payne who I can reach out to via Barbara Lindemann.


    • Thank you Diyana for sending the prizes to the raffle winners, and for the myriad ways you and Matt have supported this raffle and the fundraiser for the school children’s marine reserve. You guys are awesome!!

  4. My pleasure! It would be so cool to loop back with Pascal and hear how it went! I plan to meet Mr. Payne on Saturday morning. Be well and keep learning, exploring and doing all of the amazing things you do!

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