Raffle for Kid’s Reserve!

We’ve discovered inspiring projects during our travels but this has been the most mind-blowing of them all: Marquesan school children managing their own marine reserves.

(See our previous posts, link at bottom… it’s the smartest way to protect the ocean that we’ve seen!)

To help fund this grassroots project – and their travel to an global conference in September to share their innovative ideas with scientists – we are asking you to help us raise a couple thousand dollars.

To express our gratitude to our donors we have selected handicrafts collected from our travels to raffle as gifts.

Kick down $20 towards 1 raffle ticket, or $50 for 3 tickets. We have 7 great items to raffle.

–> Raffle Date: Saturday, August 19 (in one week!)

–> Location and Time: 3pm PST, Facebook live, streaming from French Polynesia (internet permitting)

–> Cost: $20 for 1 ticket, $50 for 3 tickets.

–> 6 Prizes:





Paypal or Wellsfargo transfer to greencoconutrun@gmail.com
– $20 one raffle ticket
– $50 three raffle tickets
– $100 or $250 for a special gift

Please write “raffle” or “donation” in the note.


About the Kid’s Reserve:

Why Funds are needed:

Green Coco in the last 2 years:

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