A Kiss Under a Rainbow


Today Sabrina and I celebrated our four year anniversary together. We met on this boat, and this voyage is a product of our relationship… so I wanted to share a glimmer of how I feel. 

Sailing the Pacific can be extremely hard work… and I’ve never seen anyone work harder than Sabrina to make life wonderful for those around her. No matter the conditions, she can bake a quiche, clean a bilge, don a harness in a rainy night, organize thousands of photos, or chisel paint for countless hours. 

Although as captain, I am the one driving the boat, it is Sabrina who turns this trip from good to great. 

Like fairy dust, her joyful enthusiasm adds an extra twinkle of magic to even the most mundane moments. Now sprinkle that onto the exquisite vistas and experiences that we reach through sailing.

Despite the laughably exhausting moments, we are rewarded with the most sublime moments. I am lucky beyond words to share them with her. 

Like a kiss under a rainbow under a waterfall. I mean, seriously! Magic is possible. I love you Sabrina. 

9 thoughts on “A Kiss Under a Rainbow

  1. Congratulation to both of you. We are enjoying reading your big adventure and jealous of this interesting trip.
    Love from Bretagne where we are with Gaelle for 3 more weeks
    Lain & Odette.

  2. Wonderful tribute to 4 years together, may you both feel this way for a lifetime!!

    Sabrina, Matt & I cannot wait to meet you!

  3. Beautifully said Kristian. You are a beautiful couple and it was a joy to see, first hand, how you complement each other. You both have unique skills and when combined radiate a joyous appreciation of life. May that continue for the rest of your lives. Congratulations on your first four years together.

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