Hiva Oa Salvation?

After loading the boat with piles of fruit, we set sail at 8:30pm from Fatu Hiva. With the ESE trade wind, it is a nice broad reach to Hiva Oa, the hub of the southern islands in Marquesas.

We sailed all night with just the 110 genoa, purposefully going slow at 3-4.5 knots, to take it gentle on the damage to our port wing fiberglass. The moonlight and bright stars made a perfect night of sailing, with dark clouds in the distance.

We arrived at first light with the sun shining over the impressive mountains of Hiva Oa. Is anywhere in the Marquesas not impressive??

Our plan: visit the boatyard in the town of Atuona (which has the only haul out facility in Marquesas) to determine if they can help us repair our boat.