Dragon Ridges

We had heard that Marquesas is “powerful” and indeed, there is no better word to express both the landscape and the people.

Hiking to the waterfall, each gain in elevation gives us new views at the ridge lines which cut through the valleys like jaws of a buried dragon.

The thick coconut trees and red hibiscus flowers keeps things “soft” and pleasant; until the next turn in the trail, when your eyes widen at the vista once again.

6 thoughts on “Dragon Ridges

  1. OMG… I have to go here, this is incredible!!! Thanks soooo much for keeping us up to date!

    • Fingers crossed it works out ! From the main island of Hiva Oa, where we’ll pick you up, Fatu Hiva is “upwind” 40nm, and quite a bash for boat and crew; so it will depends on the weather (ie. how strong the trades are blowing) and if we get the boat repaired properly (we are hoping to haul out first week of July, if the boatyard is able to lift us). If they can’t, we’ll just have to put a bandaid on the hull and sail more conservatively.

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