The Astounding Bay of Hanavave

Many sailors have called Hanavave bay the “most beautiful bay in the world.” I disagree…

‘Beautiful’ suggests it is pleasant to look at. But this understates its sheer, wild intensity.

It is transfixing. The valley is full of the most improbable rock pinnacles, sprouting like organic skyscrapers in a mad urban planner’s dream.

Yet it is the elemental power of the place that elevates it to another level. A perpetual black cloud hangs over the mountain crests, and the sun acts like a pinpoint torch, lighting up different rock outcroppings as it peaks through the shadowy clouds, constantly shape-shifting and powered by the tremendous gusts that blow through the valley, smothering the coconut trees (and the yachts).

Beautiful is one thing. This bay is ‘simply astounding’… it is in a class of its own!

4 thoughts on “The Astounding Bay of Hanavave

  1. WOW..stunning, how are the boat repairs? Of course we are interested as our trip is coming up and of course we hope it is not putting a damper on this leg of the trip for you guys as well. It sure doesn’t look like it from these photos!

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