Sketchy anchorage, lovely people

It was 8am, the morning after our arrival in Reao. We were making a gameplan for the day.

“They say there’s a sunken sea plane in 10 feet of water in the lagoon,” Sabrina said over the VHF radio. “That could be amazing!”

“Whoa… okay, that’s worth the risk. I’ll pack snorkel gear for everyone in the big red bag,” I said. I had woken up alone on Aldebaran, where I had been on anchor watch. I mulled over the prospect of leaving our mothership at anchor for the day…

The anchorage was precarious. Although we dropped the hook in 100 feet of water, and it was still holding, the boat would swing around to anything from a depth of 70 feet (somewhat close to dry reef) to 250 feet (further offshore). It was quite steep – and we didn’t want her running aground, or getting blown out to sea! Luckily, today’s forecast was for lighter NE winds. A mental compromise was made: I’d go enjoy the day with the crew, and keep an eye on the wind.

Our rendezvous was at Gaeton and Marguerite’s house. After hosting the crew for an impromptu dinner last night, now they had hired a car and driver to show us around today. “It’s our treat,” said Gaeton.

Wow, what generosity!! we thought.

Gaeton went to work at the medical clinic. The Green Coco crew piled into a diesel Toyota pickup truck, along with Marguerite, who came as our guide; plus the driver; and two other guys, who seemed to be “going along for the ride”. We drove down the atoll’s thin strip of land.

Photo: View of Gaeton and Marguerite’s home, with the lagoon waters in front.

One thought on “Sketchy anchorage, lovely people

  1. “Marvels of Modern Technology 1A”

    We followed Aldebaran crew by Delorme Sat tracker as they left the boat for the beach by dinghy to go on to the NW corner of Reao Atoll by pickup truck.
    The Plan: Monitor the boat’s location by laptop while they were gone- from the highway in Ilhéus, Brazil as we returned from a 3 hr. shopping trip to our home.
    Messaging Failure: We sent 6 messages to Reao. No reply: “Alert! Alert! The boat is adrift!” Then… “aground on the reef!”….now, “on the beach”!!…now, crossing the Atoll?!?” Lightbulb! We saw our mistake: The boat’s Delorme tracker was not on the boat. (Whew!) Instead, it was in Kristian’s pocket on the dinghy to the beach…in the pickup truck across Reao…. to the sunken airplane dive spot.
    Back in Brazil: We continued the 3 hour drive home from shopping. Ha!

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