Guestbook Art: Cruising Sailboats

By Deena.
Herve and Valerie of Taravai shared their guestbook with us – a sacred compilation of drawings, paintings, collages, letters, and photos from dozens of visiting sailboat over the years. Each boat filled in one or two pages capturing their personalities. The Aldebaran crew was excited to look through and recognize entries from many of the boats they’ve met along their journey. Herve and Valerie ’s book is so special that we were nervous to borrow it for the night, but they insisted, so we could take our time with it and fill in the very last page! Back at the boat, we put our creative heads together, broke out the colored pencils, and marked Aldebaran’s visit expressing our gratitude for the wonderful memories we shared together on Taravai.

Photo: Our entry in the Herve & Valerie’s guestbook

One thought on “Guestbook Art: Cruising Sailboats

  1. Hervé and Valerie’s Guestbook recalls the Wittmer Lodge Guestbook on Floreana Island, Galapagos.
    Erika and Floreana Wittmer showed me similar sailboat entries from the past 30 years. Beginning a half dozen years ago Island officialdom and exorbitant fees have sadly reduced the number of visiting sailboats from up to a dozen a month. To an average of one- sometimes none for months. Praise is due “Aldebaran” for meeting the challenge of bureaucracy in Galapagos not just once. But twice, in both 2016 & 2017. Congratulations for reaching the Gambiers in distant SE corner French Polynesia- and especially for the saga South to Pitcairn Island and Oeno Atoll. You are among the very deserving and lucky few.

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