View from Taravai’s Ridge

The large distant island is Mangareva with the prominent Mt. Mokoto (which we hiked at the beginning of our stay in Gambier).

Notice: from this vantage point you can see the maze of channels in the anchorage. Contrary to expectation, the sand is usually deeper, light green; while the coral reefs are shallower, dark blue.

The beach at the “village” of Taravai is out of view on the left side. The islet on the right side shelters the anchorage from the southerly wind; but a lot of wind chop enters with the “Marumu” (sp?) storm wind from the ESE. The opposite side of the island offers better protection for that wind, which we went to shortly after our hike (you can see the first dark clouds rolling in).

2 thoughts on “View from Taravai’s Ridge

  1. Your Honey Bee photos have added another dimension to your trip.
    It’s like watching a movie now, I can see the whole thing not just a still image.
    It’s wonderful!!

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