Deena flew from SF to Tahiti and spent a week in Moorea before joining us in our Gambier-Marquesas passage. She shares her experience in Papeete and how to deal with Air Tahiti inter-island flights, how to get internet access, and how to get cash in French Polynesia. Note: her Moorea tips are in another post, although the picture is from her horseback riding in Moorea..


I was only in Papeete for a day, and only because of delayed AirTahiti flights, so I didn’t have anything planned. I stayed in Hotel Sarah Nui (quirky, but fine) because it’s walking distance from town – you can walk to the market , which is open every day, but early hours, so check before you go. On Sunday, it’s only open from 4am-9am! You can also walk to the evening food trucks (awesome local scene, every night from 6:30pm-10pm).

Musée Tahiti and her Islands. You’ll likely need to take a taxi to this museum. It’s a great overview of native Polynesian life, and don’t let the hotel tell you it’s closed on Sundays, call, because they might be open. (It was the only thing I could do on Sunday, everything else was closed). After the museum, you can walk (~5 min) to Le Meridien hotel. Gorgeous architecture and a great place to get a drink or a meal before asking them to call you a cab to head back to town.


  1. July, 1967, flew down from Honolulu to Tahiti for the ‘Fête’, the 14th of July “Fall of the Bastille” blow out that is THE event of the year in French Polynesia. Coming up next month! (It’s maybe the most spectacular outdoor celebration in the world- including Brazil’s Carmival.) Just Marlon Brando, his (“Mutiny on the Bounty” film) Tahitian consort-future wife and I in Pan Am 1st Class. (Good story there…). Moorea, too.

    I’ve often wondered what may have changed in Tahiti the last 50 years.
    Any thoughts, Deena?

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