Aerial View of the Best Beach Day

The little Honey Bee went flying and captured some ridiculously pretty footage of our little motu,Tauna, from the air! This was the best beach day ever, on the edge of the world.

The distant mountains are the bigger islands in Gambier, like Mangareva, Taravai, and Aukena, which are all inside this huge lagoon.

Ps. We are trying to upload these pics via Satellite at best possible resolution… the satellite times out 5 or 6 times, it takes over 15 minutes, but it seems to be working… Can’t wait to share higher res images with you once we have decent wi-fi!

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2 thoughts on “Aerial View of the Best Beach Day

  1. This is one special voyage. A great majority of sailors seem to stick to Pacific Ocean ‘Five Star Rides”- like Hawaii and Tahiti. For good reason: Limited time, avoiding typhoon and hurricane season, exploit favorable trade winds and the need sometimes to synch weather patterns with great distances from No America to Australasia and/or RTW.

    Not “Aldebaran”! Uncounted islands along the coasts of Mexico, Central America, Cocos Island, Ecuador, Pitcairn Island. Oeno and Reao Atolls, little known motus….and many more to come.
    Hard to get to places require a spirit of adventure most lack- in return for unique rewards most will never have. Beyond the seamanship, rigor and spirit of adventure required to visit these out of the way places, there’s yet more: Shoehorning opportunities for friends,and friends of friends into the voyage is a daunting challenge to anyone. Kristian, Sabrina and so many friends who have joined as crew deserve the highest praise for making the Green Coconut Run a sail-away success. Good for you all!

  2. Que maravilha!!!!!
    So happy for you, lucky four. All to yourselves, a perfect day at a perfect spot!!! Woohoo!!!
    Looks absurdly gorgeous

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