Pizza at Silverland

We got a special treat tor Michael’s last night with us: a pizza party in an amazing 1957 brigantine sailboat called “Silverland”. 

Photo: The Brigantine “Silverland” illuminated at the night of our party. By Camilla Penderson. 

The owners are a Dutch couple (Marco and Marieh) with a 9 year old son (Matis). They are avid kitesurfers and Marieh is also a keen surfer. They literally rebuilt the boat in the Netherlands and are now sailing the world and doing charters along the way, ranging from scientific trips to cruises around islands for a few days. 



The pizza place in Rikitea is only open Friday thru Sunday nights, at which time they are flooded with orders. So we went early at 5pm and waited 45 minutes for the pizza, and took the dinghy ride back to Silverland. 

Nobody could help but be impressed by the ship, with its incredible array of lines, old school bronze windows, and a 6 foot tall engine that sounds like a tractor. 


Photos: by Camilla Penderson.   

“You guys run this boat alone??” We asked, flabbergasted. 

Marco and Marieh are quite energetic and manage the ship on their own, apparently. Meanwhile, their 9 year old son Matis runs around. It must be quite a spectacle at sea! 

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  1. From what looks like a traditional Dutch reverse stern, is this a coastal cruiser? If so, how is it handling blue water? How big?

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