The views from Mokoto Peak

This was one of the most breathtaking places I’ve hiked to. The color of the water surrounding the islands was like a painting. Or maybe I’m still just getting used to the surreal landscapes of French Polynesia?

From the top of Mokoto peak, the second tallest in the island of Mangareva, we could see the island of Taravai to the south. The channel between these two islands is where Aldebaran first sailed into Gambier and we tacked our way to anchor. 

The four crew on Aldebaran hiked up with three Norwegians from the aluminum sloop Stella Polaris, who we had met in the Galapagos.  Recall we shared their “Storm strategy” for sailing into Gambier. It was great to see them here.

You simply can’t get enough of this view… it’s like an amazing dessert you can’t stop eating. 


We’ve been dreaming long time about this, it’s cause for Celebration!!

 I’m pointing at the anchorage of Rikitea on the right side… Aldebaran is anchored on the far inside with 15 other sailboats. 
Sabrina’s reaction to the “Pamplemousse”, which is like a big sweet grapefruit, was priceless. We grabbed one from a tree during our hike and cut into it. She was giddy with excitement over the smell, the taste, everything! Andreas from Stella Polaris was enjoying it, “you’ll get used to it after a week or two!” He said. The pamplemousse trees grow rampantly all over the island. 

One last view… check out the channels in the reef on yhe left side of the island. Many pearl farms are located there, which we will go visit once our friend Deena arrives. Ahhh… it is just so pretty here!!

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  1. Hi Kristian,
    Just a note to thank you for the beautifully detailed writing that describes your journey. My 5th grade class has started several mornings with your pictures. I put them up on the screen and have the kids write their own adventures, and then read your account to them afterwards. I feel like I’ve sailed half way around the world. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Woah, stunning, truly stunning! Shall we bring along hiking boots, or will tennis shoes be enough?

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