Giant clams in Oeno

“Like smiles in the rocks”, some of the clams had black lips, others bright blue, while some were green or purple. Swimming over the reef, their wavy lines caught our eye – here, there, everywhere! Like standing behind the glass of an ice cream shop, admiring the multitudes of flavors and colors, and not being able to decide where to look…

5 thoughts on “Giant clams in Oeno

  1. Fabulous, Kristian. You have no idea what a pleasure to read and see the pictures. Back in the US it is waves of the Orange Prince sending trash onto the shore. Michael must have now left you. He’s got to be sad.

  2. Holy smokes, those are beautiful. Can you bring one back for my garden? Sabrina and Kristian, we will miss you Evan and Erin’s baby shower.

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