By Michael. Goodbye my new dear friend. It is so hard to say goodbye. I just met you five days ago and already you have made me feel part of your family. You have been so kind, so hospitable so welcoming. I understand that you meet few new people and so all are special. But you made us feel particularly so as if to say ” please stay” . We’d love to. We know you need new friends, new families, to bring new energy and vitality to Pitcairn. But do you really? You are a family split between Christens and Warrens. Would we as outsiders be welcome? We would bring new ideas, new directions. Would they be welcomed? Could we all live as one?

You live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The sub tropical climate is inviting, your land rich and perfect for almost every crop, fruit, and flower on the planet; and your distance from the rest of the world refreshing. But also challenging. The inability to leave when you want, arrive when you chose is a problem. Three months between ship visits is just too long. Especially when you’re sick or there is an event you must attend. It’s too much. Sorry, but the time to stay hasn’t quite arrived. But you won our hearts and when we left and said ” until next time” we meant it. We love you Pitcairn!

3 thoughts on “GOODBYE PITCAIRN

  1. After following your stay on the island, we appreciate your thoughts about life in “almost paradise.” Perhaps the knowledge that there are so few opportunities to leave the island is what makes it special.

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