Simon and Shirley

These are two of the few immigrants that didn’t marry into a Pitcairn family. Simon and Shirley moved here 20 years ago of their own accord. Simon is from UK and Shirley is from California, and both come from a farming/horticultural background.

Shirley heard our voices on the VHF radio when we announced our arrival, and she came to the docks to meet us– she was excited to talk to folks from the West Coast. Simon and Shirley have been wonderful with us– hosting fabulous Tea Time at 4pm from their balcony overlooking the ocean, letting us do laundry with their washing machine, and in this case, about to give us a pile of kale…

2 thoughts on “Simon and Shirley

  1. Looks quite lovely. How nice you could bring Shirley up to date on west coast activities. Wonder if you talked politics…….

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