Day 8. 1000 Miles for Master Mariner MacRae

By Sabrina
Today marked an important milestone in Spencer’s life! He became “Master Mariner MacRae”, whom I now respectfully refer to as M-cubed; and simultaneously hold up his special ‘gang’ sign shown with my three central fingers “M” and flicking my wrist 90 degrees three times.

The occasion: he completed today his “sea time” of 1,000 nautical miles of continuous sailing, which entitles him to be an illustrious instructor of blue water sailing! (We departed Galapagos 1000nm ago.)

Presiding over the important ceremony was the Pirate King of the South Seas (ie. Kristian’s alter ego). Per the “code of the Equator”, the Pirate King ordered Spencer to crawl around the deck on hands and knees. Like a good mariner, no squabbles were had with the Pirate King’s word, so he donned his life jacket, clipped in to the safety jack line, and began his crawl across the rough “Galapagos grit” deck, scrapping some skin off his knees.

En route, he came across a large flying fish on deck, which he jovially picked up with his bare mouth and clenched between his teeth. It was hilarious, but I believe he immediately regretted it! The ceremony ended with a celebratory shot of rum, and henceforth, all now acknowledge Spence as “Master Mariner MacRae”

Spencer needed to add a few clarifying points to my report of the events…

“So, in order to obtain the American Sailing Associations Offshore Passage Making Instructor credential, a candidate applying must have skippered and crewed on a passage no less than 1,000nm continuous in addition to a plethora of other qualifications and the approval of the ASA Board of Directors.

A huge moment for me as this is the highest level of instructor rating, short of becoming an Instructor Evaluator. I am always attempting to up my captain’s license rating and teaching credentials.

This voyage aboard Aldebaran is expediting my dreams and aspirations.

Sooooo STOKED!!!

9am. April 17, 2017
S 12 20 W 104 37
ODO 1128nm, distance last 24hrs 128nm. Distance to Ducie: 1360nm. Wind 13-15kts ESE, SOG 5.9kts COG 230

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