Port-itis: the disease of getting stuff done

Delayed by a day! We’re now leaving Sunday morning April 9th on our passage. We are so exhausted from all the work of getting ready.
Thankfully we found these epic hats (best $3 spent!) that help us endure the hardships of passage preparation. Example of adequate head protection when scrubbing anchor chain in the burning tropical sun.

Port-itis: the disease afflicting sailors, suffering from the need to get stuff done when in port. The condition expresses itself in anxiety: “When I’m at sea, I won’t be able to do …. [insert anything modern here] so I better pack it all in now! ”

Seriously, I can’t wait to be underway and have less of this compulsion to buy boat parts, food, and send out emails.

Oh yeah and did we mention we bought more food?? Today is Saturday, an AMAZING fresh food farmers market here in Galapagos’s Santa Cruz Island, as good as anywhere we’ve seen… it took us three hours to put food away though, as the fruit and veggies must be individually wrapped in aluminum foil (carrots, oranges) or newspaper (Apples, cabbage), wax the ends of squash, and so many other details…

4 thoughts on “Port-itis: the disease of getting stuff done

  1. Have a good and safe journey and hope the best wind at the right time wil push you in the right direction
    We are with you and looking to read the progress
    With our love Alain & Odette

  2. Have a wonderful trip! We look forward to following your journey. Love to you and good luck on your upcoming sail!

  3. May the wind pick up so you can smoothly sail with ease and peace. Love to you my friends!!

    ps. The hat looks like a totally worthy buy!

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