Snorkeling in Floreanna

Dozens of sea turtles go by the boat every morning – it must be their morning commute! They cruise around the rocks surrounding Black Sand Beach, which is the main anchorage in Floreanna’s town, called Puerto Velasco Ibarra. I imagine this black sand is silty, because the visibility underwater is not as good as other islands.

Perhaps because this isn’t a great site for snorkeling, things are more relaxed around here. Probably also because it’s a tiny town of 150 inhabitants with less tourist pressure; hence the capitania said it was fine for us to head to offshore rocks with our dinghy to go snorkeling. This is very unlike the other inhabited islands of Galapagos, where they only want you to go between your boat and the dock. In this way, Floreanna felt a lot more free than the rest of the archipelago.

We were happy as clams, heading a mile south of the anchorage to “Roca Botella” – as it looks like a bottle in the water. The viz was quite decent at 35 ft, there were tons of fish, beautiful formations in shallow and deep water, and some big parrot fish– although the surge was strong. The Aldebaran crew was stoked to be exploring!!

Photos: Check out this camouflaged “scorpion fish”, which Anna found. He didn’t move at all!

4 thoughts on “Snorkeling in Floreanna

  1. Interesting about the black sand beach and all of the turtles. After reading your post I remembered that when we were on the Big Island of Hawaii we were at the Black Sands Beach there and it was the same. Lots of turtles and the water was a bit silty. That is also where the turtles laid their eggs.

    • if only it was clear like the sea of cortez!! I remember you asking why we didn’t stop there for longer on the way south, you guys spent a year there? I’m excited to get back to some great visibility, for all its merits thats not the strongest suit of the Galapagos.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Kristian!
    Not a bad spot to be 🙂
    As I sit working on our next video (and Garrett grinds fiberglass) I can, for a split second, pretend that you’re pointing in front of me to the that fish up ahead. For a second my mind is quite, muffled by the ocean filling my ears, I am calm. Thank you for that trip! One of these days we will share an anchorage again my friend


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