We’re crossing the Pacific!

Approximate wind pattern expected across the Pacific… we’ll be sailing south into the trade wind belt (E-SE winds) and crossing into the latitudes of Pitcairn and Gambier, where the winds are more variable, before heading back north towards Marquesas.Only 10 days to departure on our  biggest passage ever, across the Pacific Ocean, almost 2700 miles!  Follow us on our Blog by subscribing on this link.


You’ll be able to keep track of our progress  during our 22+ day passage…  starting April 5-7 and ending approximately April 26-30, from Galapagos to Pitcairn.  After that we have a quick three day jump to Gambier Islands, our first stop in French Polynesia (the remainder of season is shown at bottom).

After checking into Gambier, which is part of French Polynesia, we will sail to Marquesas, work our way thru Tuamotos atolls, and end up in the Society Islands by the end of the year. 

This year we have a satellite phone (Iridium Go) which will update our position on a map and allow us to send text updates with occasional low-res pictures.  Thanks to our Patrons supporting us for the funds to purchase this awesome equipment for communication and safety!!!

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(NOTE: our old satellite tracker Delorme Inreach will also be active on this link)


In the Galapagos we had many friends and family visiting.  In February, it all started with Dominic who helped us with a HUGE provisioning effort, then sailed the 5 days from mainland Ecuador. He was there when Aldebaran’s rudder (or was it Captain K?) almost became sperm whale food, read about the Sperm Whale Encounter here.

A Sperm Whale got very close! Watch the video on our blog post

In early March, it was the “Ladies trip across the Galapagos Archipelago”: Annelise, Marisa, Sarah, and Rosie all joined us to celebrate birthdays and adventure. As we cruised from Isla San Cristobal to Isabela, we saw a TON of animals… it was seriously unreal. Everything from mantas, sharks, whales, dolphins, even an orca! 

Our local friends Ben & Hosanna also joined us for the two night crossing, which was a wonderful treat (and a tight boat, but super fun!) We’ll be sharing more about this extraordinary passage later… meantime you can read about how we made dear friends in Galapagos islands in our post about the 4 Inhabited Islands.

In mid March, Captain K’s dad joined us in Isla Isabela for a great week; and now Sabby’s mom Jackie and friend Laura are visiting us. At the end of this month, Jesse and Anna from Santa Barbara are visiting for 11 days and helping to send us off in good style!

The penguins checking out Bob


We’re really lucky to have the finest sailing instructor in Santa Barbara, Spencer McRae, joining us for 3 months as core crew for the passage across the Pacific and onwards to Marquesas! We’ll be charting our progress across the ocean with Sextant and modern GPS side-by-side.

Our second visiting crew for the passage is Michael Payne, a family friend of our co-op member and long-time Aldebaran supporter Erika. He’s an Englishman who always dreamed of doing an ocean passage, had a beautiful sailboat for many years, but his career as an interior designer kept him busy. We’re excited to have Michael’s enthusiasm and tea-making skills onboard for the 5 weeks he’s with us, and he’ll be jumping off in Gambier Island.

Other than the visiting crew, Captain Kristian Beadle and First Mate Sabrina will be onboard per usual, making it four crew for the passage.

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