Green Coco on national radio! Listen to NPR’s Marketplace.

“How to have a millionaire’s lifestyle cruising your yacht in exotic places – for pennies on the dollar ! ”

Read here or listen:

This 3 min radio clip about our cooperative voyage aired on last Friday’s NPR’s Marketplace, a national show about creative business ideas.  
I’d also like to add that we have over 60 participants on our three year trip, and many of them are doing work trade to contribute toward their boat fees … All making it possible to run the ship on schedule. A collective effort to make the dream happen!

Read here or listen:

About the Radio Host:

Jonathan Bastian –

Aspen raised skier, public radio host; Recently moved to the West coast, exploring his love for surfing. He joined us aboard the Green Coconut Run on the Osa Peninsula leg for 10 days cruising southern Costa Rica to discover new waves, perfect his art of crepe making, and watch the macaws fly over the boat!

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