Boat sitting – and overland travel in Nicaragua

Text by Chris Colajezzi – Photos by Adam Jahnke

As introduction:  Aldebaran is moored in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua during our off-season (mid Nov to mid March ’16), as Capt K and Sabby work in California and recuperate from ear surgery. Chris spent almost two months in Nica, boat-sitting Aldebaran, along with Bob (Capt K’s dad) who is still on his marathon tour of duty.  Adam met them for three weeks and the duo traveled around. Chris is a guitarist and lifeguard from LA County and Adam is a photographer, drummer, and cyclist. Here’s an interview of their experience, and a collection of photos (more available on Adam’s portfolio)…

1) What surprised you most about living in Nicaragua?  You were excited about actually living overseas, how were expectations met or not?
The hustle of the locals was really a spectacle.  Being such a poor country, you could really see the drive in the day-to-day from everyone trying to earn what they can.
It was very humbling.  A big surprise was also the trash on the streets.  Although I knew it was a problem, it’s just such a different way to view your surroundings.
The “make-your-own-person” aspect and being on [my own overseas] was very appealing though.  Everything was so unregulated and it all came down to common sense.  I really enjoyed that. The freedom in the daily routine for the individual is something that was fun to be a part of.
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2) What were pros and cons about the boat moored in Gigante as far as boat sitting goes?
Absolutely beautiful area.  Perfect weather with so much wilderness and ocean surrounding me at all times.  Very friendly people all about and such a small town;
it was interesting to be around people that you see day after day and build a connection with.  Everyone is so friendly.  Did I mention how nice everyone was?
The wind really took a toll though.  Even though ideal for the surf, it took some serious adjusting, and I doubt I will miss those really windy days.
3)  What do you look forward to most about coming home?
Cold water! Actually no.  I miss my friends and family and the community I am a part of that surrounds me at home.  It will be nice to reconnect and get back to some of the basics of life back home. There’s definitely some appreciation for things that I wasn’t completely aware I would miss.





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More images from the trip and a collection of Adam’s photography can be seen at:  or follow his Instagram @vocationforever