Want an instant great feeling? Support us with Patreon!

Hurray !!  We’re launching our Patreon campaign today, Thanksgiving Day 2015. There is so much we are grateful for !

What is Patreon, you ask?  It’s like Kickstarter for ongoing projects. It’s a way for us to have recurring income from our videos, and keep our boat afloat.

Check out our Patreon page, you can make a pledge of any amount. For $5/video and up, you’ll also get special rewards.

We DEEPLY appreciate your support !!!

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Hang on– you’re not sure if it’s worth your hard-earned money?  Check out the top 10 reasons why Green Coconut Run is the best thing since sliced bread (for uh… ocean adventurers).

Top 10 reasons for supporting us

(Direct link to video in case it doesn’t load above)

Your contribution will really help us to make a regular video series, with our goal being 1 video episode per month.

Don’t worry — you can cap your max monthly donation, in case we go on a movie making spree. We’ve made a mix of videos this last year, but the new video episodes will be more consistent, longer, and in-depth. They’ll still be available freely online for others to enjoy, thanks to your support!

We look forward to sharing more of the magic of our unique Community Sailing adventure with you !!

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