Video: Rainy Day Dreamin’ (and why we didn’t leave Costa Rica)

Feeling cooped up by your work cubicle, house chores, or a sailboat cockpit with 5 sweaty guys during tropical downpour? Breath deeply.

Patience and perseverance reward all with ultimate joy. Whether it be in the form of perfect waves or perfect … fill in the blank…  it is out there, waiting for sacrifices to tip the scales. Keep on the good struggle cause the blessings are just around the corner!

(Direct link for the video in case it doesn’t load above)

8 months of sailing and searching for waves in Central America during the rainy season were rewarded with special moments. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow included this spot, which was one of the benefits of postponing the Panama leg to Season 2. The main reason for not heading further south was the lightning and rougher seas infamous during Sept & Oct. In contrast, this area was uncanny calm — can you believe that water visibility? Those fish schools were 1.5 miles away on an offshore pinnacle.

“Don’t change a winning game” they say. We followed that advice and stuck around here for over two months.