Underwater treasures for Sabby

The captain’s sweetheart and Aldebaran’s dive master, Sabrina, had to leave early due to an ear injury and returned home to California. We are sending her healing thoughts!!

The crew made her two short diving videos so she could live vicariously as we explore underwater treasures and share the stoke from afar.

Diving Roca Niegra — A volcano spat out this big rock, which lies 1 mile offshore in 80 feet depth. Dizzying numbers of fish congregate around the transparent blue waters. Our free dives are around 20-40 feet.  Location: Santa Rosa National Park, northern Costa Rica

Video: Diving Murcielago Islands.  A geographic phenomenon, the protected “Isla Murcielago” (“Bat Islands”) stick out like fingers from the mainland.  We took a quick dive to cool off and find some coral and eels. Our free dives are around 15-25 feet. Location: Santa Rosa National Park, northern Costa Rica.