Video short #2: Flying Spinner Dolphins

We thought it was going to be a boring day! We were crossing the Sea of Cortez, a two night passage; with ocean on all sides we came across a massive pod of spinner dolphins riding our bow and flying into wild aerials. The crew included Eric Lohela and Brian Rossini who joined us to dive the Cortez leg

These dolphins would even impress famed snowboarder Shaun White, known for his dizzying spins.

Jaws agape, we watched the most virtuosic acrobatics we’ve seen outside the Cirque du Soleil. To capture the majesty of the dolphins underwater, Ryan dangled himself from the bow crossbars (note the blown out starboard net– it had torn the night before sailing with the Corumel south winds out of Isla Espiritu Santo). 

Even mundane days can throw something splendid at you — what delights can we find by going outside and watching the world unfold?

Short: Flying Spinner Dolphins

One thought on “Video short #2: Flying Spinner Dolphins

  1. They are so gorgeous!
    I remember so well, many many many years ago when we crossed the Panama Canal coming from the Atlantic Ocean… upon entering the Pacific Ocean, there were so many dolphins, and when I say many, I mean you could see them jumping as far as one could see on every side of the boat, over the ocean. Unforgettable image!
    So happy you all are having this experience!

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