The final month has arrived! along with our sweet Constellation graphic.


The constellation is on the boat – Orion on the left, Taurus on the right, with Aldebaran shining red.

Our mid-March departure date is just around the corner… we are doing a farewell party and boat visit on the 14th or 15th (assuming we can get a slip in the busy Santa Barbara harbor).

The boat may not be ready — but our awesome constellation graphic is, at the very least!  It perks up our morale and helps us with this last two week push to get Aldebaran ready.

Bret installing the graphics

Bret Campbell from Well Seen Signs is one of our Early Seabirds — he and partner Jessica will be participating in the Green Coconut Run.

“What does your boat name mean?”  People kept asking — so we designed these constellation graphics to put it into context.

Orion the archer is on the left, featuring three stars in a row which make “Orion’s Belt”, which you can easily spot in the sky between autumn and winter (in the spring and summer, Orion rises later in the dawn).

Taurus the bull is on the right, with Aldebaran shining orange/red, which are its distinctive colors in the sky. The head of Taurus stands out as a big “V” shape, with Aldebaran on the top left as the eye of the bull. Further to the right is a cluster of stars called the Pleiades, also known as the seven sisters or the “mini-dipper”, which happens to be Subaru’s logo.

One of the greek myths says that Orion was seducing the seven sisters, so Zeus put Taurus to protect the seven sisters from Orion’s advances..!  Another story says that Orion is saving the seven sisters from Taurus. Take your pick. Love is complex.

Also: when you’re looking up at the sky, also try to find Orion’s dog, which is to his left. It is the constellation known as Canis Major, featuring the brightest star in the sky, Sirius (not pictured in our constellation graphic).

So if you can spot Orion’s Belt in the starry night, follow it to Aldebaran on one side, the Pleides further to the right, or Sirius the dog on Orion’s left side.



Who made our awesome lettering and constellation graphic? Check out Bret Campbell’s sign-making business, based in SLO county: Well Seen Signs. He did it all remotely and mailed us the graphics, which were super easy to apply. Our lettering lasted years, and was significantly cheaper than yacht lettering.

Randomly, Bret and I first met at a friend’s BBQ in Santa Cruz; we decided to trade some lettering for sailing time in the Channel Islands, and now we’ve become good friends. His girlfriend Jessica also runs a green building company in SLO and is equally stellar.

They’ve done the 2hr drive to Ventura twice during the last few months to spend the weekend with us and do some serious work on the boat.  Huge props to them!  They plan to join us in the Green Coconut Run for 2 weeks in Costa Rica.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Kristian. It has been our absolute pleasure to join the uplifting group work toward this goal!!!

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