Smoothie-Making at Anchor


“At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much.” So said Robin Lee Graham, author of Dove, the story of his circumnavigation (he departed Los Angeles as a teenager on a 24ft sloop named Dove, in 1965, and returned 5 years later with a wife).

Less is more, especially at sea, but importing certain luxuries can provide imesurable delight.  Smoothies are just such a case.  A good bottle of wine stashed in a cupboard is a treat; a bar of chocolate can be a life-saver; but smoothies require enough devotion and effort that it has a special place in my luxuries list.

Smoothies demand first of all the correct electrical system — usually a decent blender needs a 110v inverter to convert the 12v sailboat battery power. This small technological accomplishment is in itself satisfying.

Next, smoothies need fresh ingredients, fruits and juices; forget the possibility of ice cubes and frozen fruits of course. Creativity is required. Bananas, pears, apples are mixed with various flavorings like cinammon, honey, ginger, and added for texture/protein with nuts or oats. Every variation under the sun is possible, the delight of self-expression.

The smoothie won’t be icey cold, but it’s delicious natural and sweet, and when you are rocking in a little cove like Fry’s Harbor, surrounded by rocky cliffs on all sides, the cool freshness and intoxicating novelty of the moment makes it all worthwhile…