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If you enjoy our photos and videos, becoming a Patron is the best way to support our voyage &  help us invest in better equipment and production every season!

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How does Patreon work?

  • Patrons contribute each time we submit a video episode, which is once per month (you can also specify that’s your maximum per month).
  • Depending on how much you pledge per video, you get additional rewards.
  • Check out our Patreon site for all the details. Thanks!!!

Or DONATE one-time:

Boats are expensive and complicated!  We managed to launch this journey with the collective energy of people joining the trip, giving goods, and donating money.

On the Green Coconut Run, Aldebaran collects micro-plastic samples, visit marine reserves, and promote ocean conservation non-profits. Support the mission by contributing below – see our Wishlist or Voyage Fund options below.

Donations can be sent to — by email through Paypal or directly from a bank. Green Coconut Run is a not-for-profit operation with 501c3 status pending.


Help make the boat safer & stronger!  Help cover costs of new equipment & maintenance on Aldebaran so that we can visit remote islands, connect with local non-profits, and bring them supplies.  Paypal links are below (Please select “Friends and Family”; add 3% if paying by Credit Card).


Boat Needs include:

  • Got it!  A stereo system ($300)
  • Got it!  New Auto pilot – our last one bit the dust ($1500)
  • NEEDED. New Depth Sounder – our main unit stopped working mysteriously ($800)
  • Got it! New Wind meter – our attempts at using household weather stations failed sometime in Nicaragua… we realize we need to get the marine grade meter ($1000)
  • Got it! Lights – red lighting for sailing at night ($200)
  • Got it! Sailing hardware (blocks, lines, shackles, winches, etc) if you have
  • NEEDED. SCUBA BC and regulator
  • NEEDED. Surf board bags (6’0-7’0) and leashes
  • NEEDED. Wind generator ($1400)

Have any items for our Wishlist?  Email us at Many thanks!

See below for our information flier.

Green Coconut Run 2014-12-10



One thought on “Become a Patron

  1. sure wish it was easier to connect with you all , hope you still have my contact info and phone numbers.
    enjoyed every minute we shared together

    warmly Michael Folb

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