Come Aboard!

The Green Coconut Run is a cooperative sailing adventure. Visiting crew members fly down to join the boat for different legs (usually 2-3 weeks) and contribute to a boat fee and galley fee.

You can come aboard the boat as a:

  • CO-OP MEMBER. Members can bring up to 1 guest on shared trips. Not yet a member? Get a referral from an existing member to join (see below), or come as a New Guest.
  • NEW GUESTS.  You are welcome to come aboard to try the experience on a private trip. If you love it,  then you can sign up to become a member.

Where and When?  View our Route Page and Schedule.


Have a referral from a co-op member? Interested in joining the co-op and coming aboard sometime?  Alright! Here’s how it works.

  1. Send us an email requesting membership, along with the member referring you.
  2. Sign up to Become a Patron of Green Coconut Run.
  3. Answer the “Crew Bio Questions“, below, and send us an outdoorsy profile pic for your Crew Bio.
  4. There is an initiation fee.


Don’t have a referral from an existing co-op member? But are interested in being part of the co-op, and/or coming aboard our community sailing trips?

  1. To be eligible to come aboard – sign up to Become a Patron of Green Coconut Run.
  2. Please answer the “Crew Bio Questions”, below.
  3. We’ll send you a Cost Overview.
  4. Come aboard the boat for 1 trip; if it is a good fit,  you can join the Co-op!


  1. Tell us about yourself. What’s your experience sailing? Interest in ocean sports?
  2. Where would you like to go (see our Route), and for how much time?
  3. How you heard about us, who referred you (if applicable)? Why do you think you’d make a good fit as a member of our sailing co-op?

—> Send us an email to  with your brief answers,  and any additional questions you have!


Benefits of Co-op Membership

  • Own a voyage — without “owning the boat”.  It’s a millionaire’s lifestyle for pennies on the dollar… You get to participate in the trip of a lifetime without any of the risks & high costs.
  • Bring a Guest — you can bring a non-member guest at your co-op rate.
  • Reduced Rates — “Early Seabirds” get super reduced rates by paying before the season (ie. January), or come with affordable “Just Show Up” rates. Details in the Co-op only page.
  • Work trade option — co-op members can reduce your boat time costs up to 50% with work trade.
  • Reserve your spot on the voyage — Co-op members can access our Crew List with specific dates and who’s aboard; general public sees Our Route page only.
  • Pro Deals & Gifts — you’ll get access to our Pro Deals and receive our yearly holiday letter with gifts!
  • Offer input in our yearly survey — “Where do you want Aldebaran to go?” Pick your dream destination and help build the voyage.


Responsibilities of Crew Members

  • We’re a community ship — sailing on Aldebaran is a participatory experience! Our atmosphere of sharing makes it special. 
  • Embrace your role as a Crew Membereveryone is helping make this dream happen — whether by sharing things you love (music, skills, knowledge), being motivated to do activities (do your sailing shift, snorkel, SUP) or helping out (cooking, cleaning, fixing stuff) 
  • Courier gear to the boatall crew members are requested to travel bring down items to the boat (or take items back to U.S.) — this helps us keep costs low. It might be anything from peanut butter to nuts & bolts!
  • Good Food is happiness — everyone takes turns cooking, please bring a few recipe options to share when your turn comes!
  • HARVEST STOKE — above all, we promote an environment with a positive attitude, kind communication, and enthusiasm for life.



PS.  Wondering what our trimaran is like?  Check out the Boat page. Please note that Aldebaran has 3 double beds, which means it is best if you come as a pair.  If you are on your own and want to guarantee a private bunk, please request space for two people (saving the second spot is half price).

7 thoughts on “Come Aboard!

    • Thanks Mr & Ms Smith! We were just surfing 2 days in a remote island off Baja and Ryan was beyond himself happy! I’ll let him know you wrote. Hugs

  1. Krikri-Goiaba,
    peço por gentileza reservar uma vaga para o meu filho Victor (seu primo 2nd degree) daqui ha uns 8 anos… ele só tem 4 ainda, mas quando tiver 12 vai passar uma temporada a bordo. Season 2024 I believe..LOL
    bjo grande

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