How can you participate in Green Coconut Run?

  1. Come Aboard
  2. Join our Co-op
  3. Support our videos & photos with a monthly contribution on Patreon.
  4. Follow our BlogFacebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

Come Aboard

The Green Coconut Run is a cooperative sailing adventure, with membership by referral. You’re also welcome to join us for a trip as a non-member to gain your referral.

Visiting crew members fly down to join the boat for different legs (1-4 weeks) and contribute with a boat fee and galley fee to cover voyaging costs.

See our planned 2019 routes in French Polynesia (Tuamotus & Society Islands).


Interested in joining our adventure sailing co-op?  Alright! Here’s how it works. Send us an email requesting membership, to

  1. Send us an outdoorsy Profile Photo of yourself
  2. Send us a Crew Bio… share a bit about yourself, so other co-op members can get to know you:
    • What are your passions?
    • Interest in ocean sports or wilderness adventuring in general?
    • A bit about your background and career to share with other members?
    • Something funny or unique about your upbringing or lifestyle?
    • Experiences sailing? Where would you love to go in the our Route or the world in general, and to do what activities?
    • How you heard about us, who referred you? What excites you about being a member of an adventure co-op?
  3. There is a $400 initiation fee: $200 for conditional membership, then $200 after your first trip to finalize membership. If you’d like to support our videos & photography, we’d love if you  Become a Patron of Green Coconut Run! Thanks!!


Benefits of Co-op Membership

  • Own a voyage — without “owning the boat”.  It’s a millionaire’s lifestyle for pennies on the dollar… You get to participate in the trip of a lifetime without any of the risks & high costs.
  • Bring a Guest — you can bring a non-member guest at your co-op rate.
  • Reduced Rates — get affordable access to sailing adventures!!!
  • Work trade option — co-op members can reduce your boat time costs up to 50% with work trade.
  • Reserve your spot on the voyage — Co-op members can access our Detailed Schedule.
  • Offer input in our yearly survey — “Where do you want the boat to go?” Pick your dream destination and help build the voyage.


Responsibilities of Crew Members

  • We’re a community ship — sailing on Aldebaran is a participatory experience! Our atmosphere of sharing makes it special.
  • Embrace your role as a Crew Member — everyone is helping make this dream happen — whether by sharing things you love (music, skills, knowledge), being motivated to do activities (do your sailing shift, snorkel, SUP) or helping out (cooking, cleaning, fixing stuff)
  • Courier gear to the boat — all crew members are requested to travel bring down items to the boat (or take items back to U.S.) — this helps us keep costs low. It might be anything from peanut butter to nuts & bolts!
  • Good Food is happiness — everyone takes turns cooking, please bring a few recipe options to share when your turn comes!
  • HARVEST STOKE — above all, we promote an environment with a positive attitude, kind communication, and enthusiasm for life.



PS.  Wondering what our trimaran is like?  Check out the Boat page. Please note that Aldebaran has 3 double beds, which means it is best if you come as a pair.  If you are on your own and want to guarantee a private bunk, please request space for two people (saving the second spot is half price).