The Inspiration behind a World Voyage

People keep asking us: “where will the twins go to school?”

During our time in the South Seas, we met many families home-schooling their kids. Cruising boats, it turns out, are an amazing platform for direct learning through adventures and global cultures. Kids growing up on boats tend to be remarkably mature, with curiosity, motivation, and love of learning. 

Yet as we know, homeschooling is tough, especially when also managing a boat… Furthermore, the cruising lifestyle limits social relationships over time. We researched many existing programs, and began creating our own unique idea. An around-the-world educational voyage. Perhaps even with a fleet of other family boats. This could be an amazing family-friendly adventure — with onboard teachers for the kids, and visiting experts to help us keep learning too!

This is how the Green Coco Expedition was born. What began as a way to get our kids the best education we could imagine, turned into “hey, let’s make the best adventure we can imagine” for ourselves and others to share.

It’s true we just moved aboard Selaví three years ago. Yet Green Coco Charters has already developed into a unique wellness & family charter company. We’re ahead of schedule paying our investor loans and many have come to enjoy their investor benefits! Selaví will stay in French Polynesia running trips under a new captain and chef. This will allow us to sink our teeth into something new — not because we’re necessarily ready, but because it’s time, and we’re all super excited about it!

To realize our vision, we know it will take a bigger boat, likely requiring a year for the delivery, and two years of preparation. To complete a dream 10 year circumnavigation before our twins turn 18, we need to start now. The clock is ticking… We have the inspiration and the vision, so we’re going for it. Who’s in?