F-A-Qs : maximization of stoke through clarity

Things we still need:

  • table cloths for 8ft tables x 10
  • someone to fly the Mavic drone for a special group shot
  • someone to run the video camera on Saturday at 1:30-3pm and Sunday 9:30-11:30am

Q: How do I find StokeFest? If I map “Orella Ranch” it takes me someplace else!

A: Use this CORRECT MAP LINK to get directions to the exact entrance for Stokefest. Follow the “STOKE” signs. Entrance is just north of Sam’s Doggie Dude Ranch and Venadito Cyn Rd.

Q: What times are the Shuttles up & down the hill? 

  • Saturday morning 10-11:45am.
  • Saturday evening 9:15pm ish.
  • Sunday morning 9am
  • Sunday departure 12pm

Q: Can I arrive/leave anytime on Saturday/Sunday if I’m willing to walk ? 

Absolutely, just close the gate behind you at the Calle Real entrance.

Q: I’m running late! What time is the Ceremony??

A: Full Schedule is on this link. Don’t miss:

  • 2-3pm Tahitian Group Dance Lesson
  • 4:15pm Procession to Ceremony
  • 8pm Gypsy Funk Band
    • the shuttle will be after their first set finishes, around 9pm

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Dogs are NOT allowed at the ranch. If you still don’t have a pooch-sitter for the weekend, consider calling Sam’s Doggy Dude Ranch (located next door to Orella) they are very reasonable and friendly.

Q: Can we charge cel phones on site? Is there electricity? Is there cel reception?

Yes, there is electricity, but only at the Cobb House (main reception area at the Oaks). Label all your cables with tape or whatever! There is cel service at the ranch.

Q: Can we take a shower? 

A: Very rudimentary “water hose” shower will be available near Cobb House, in the moment of need !

Q: Are there bathrooms? 

There will be a porta potties by the reception area and by the camping areas.

Q: Should I bring extra water, beer, or wine? 

Always a good idea! We will have an open bar but we welcome additions.

Q: Can I bring my fire staff to spin poi? 

No. There are no open flames including cigarettes, candles, camp stoves.

Q: Do I need to bring cutlery, plates, or cups? 

A: BYO cup or coffee thermos that can be used for drinks. Optional: bring your travel cutlery as we might only have disposables.

Q: Should I bring a camp chair?

A: We’ll have seating for almost everyone at dinner, and half of the friends at the ceremony. If you have a light camp chair that you love, or comfy picnic blanket, bring it!

Q: Do I need to bring any money?

Not really. There’s nothing to buy at Stokefest, only things to give 🙂



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