Back to Real Time

As many of you may have noticed, our blog has been months behind where we actually are — this is changing today! Welcome back to the present moment, Aldebaran!

During our 21 day passage in April ’17 across the Pacific – then thru Pitcairn, Gambier, and Marquesas – we were posting to the blog “real time”. However, our boatyard purgatory in Hiva Oa threw a tailspin into our lives as we battled for our ship’s integrity (and our sanity). One casualty, beside our health, was that we fell terribly behind on the blog.

Well, I’m following my own New Year’s advice: following the stoke. Which means… sharing what’s happening right now.

Wait! What about our last 3 months cruising the world famous Society Islands — like Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora, and also other lesser known beauties? They are incredible, truly a jewel of the Earth. We’ll reminisce about those adventures on Instagram : so please follow us via computer at , or better yet your phone’s Instagram app, by searching for greencoconutrun.

But… it’s time for the blog to come back to the “present”; which, as they say, is the real gift.

Photo: Aldebaran anchored in Avatoru pass, Rangiroa. This is the view from Mama Ou’s house, who we visited 3 months ago, and now we are back! The boat is empty of crew; I’m doing much needed maintenance, while Sabby is in California.

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