Dinnertime chez Aldebaran

One of the best things about our cooperative voyage is sharing great meals with friends in Aldebaran’s cozy cockpit.

Many sailboats we’ve met have a couple aboard, who complain about not having visitors… it’s just the two of them for months on end. But most visitors require a schedule — which sailors avoid like the plague. We limit ourselves to a schedule, but we also love the ability to share this amazing experience with others.

Dinner today was cream of mushroom eggplant sauté with apple-cabbage salad. Good food and good laughs!

4 thoughts on “Dinnertime chez Aldebaran

    • Well we have to thanks the gods of sunshine and boat repair in Marquesas for keeping us on time for your trip, you guys were slapping paint on the boat until the minute before the boat went in the water! Happy to report the paint job is still looking great 🙂


  1. The meals aboard Aldebaran were extraordinary! Sabrina’s nautical culinary skills necessitate her own cookbook (coming sometime in the not-too-distant future). We photographed multiple stunning dishes (oh….that yellow-tail sushi!) so the art work is all ready to go. Title? “Gourmet Cooking at Sea….. on a two burner stove with no oven”.

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