Consellations and Wind Vibrations

By Spencer

The giant upside down question mark of the sparkling constellation Scorpio dazzled the night sky. Sabrina and I gazed aloft the cabin top, watching the masthead dance circles around the full moon high overhead. We wondered what celestial beauty was in store for us in the coming weeks when the great lunar light would shut off for the rebirth of a new moon cycle and the Milky Way would engulf the night sky showing unimaginable amounts of celestial bodies.

Looking for bioluminescence below and birds aloft we feel the beginning of a breeze which at dawn of day three would finally fill our sails for the first time and with fingers crossed will keep us sailing all the way to our South Pacific destination.

Complete with big smiles and high morale the crew aboard the Sailing Trimaran Aldebaran is currently sailing through salubrious weather on a broad reach at 6 knots. With the edge of the trade winds close by, and hundreds… I mean thousands of miles (!) of ocean ahead, we are very excited for this next chapter of our voyage without the use of the beloved Mr. Isuzu.

2 thoughts on “Consellations and Wind Vibrations

  1. I know that Mr. Isuzu will get a long rest and the great wind of the Pacific will take over.
    I love your blogs. Keep the fantastic aventure going.
    With love: Jean-Claude

  2. Hi Spencer,

    That was a lovely, poetic post, and appreciated.

    Keep ’em comin’, and regards to the crew. (I’m in touch with Kristian’s Dad Bob every day. As I told him a short while ago he can be exhausting, but he’s a joy, and nobody makes me laugh harder–which is saying something.)

    Cheers and…have fun!

    John Mead

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