LOG: Islands, Saturday, August 4th

Dawn. Red orb sunrise silhouette Anacapa Island.

Raise anchor and head to south for a wave at the bluffs. Just us surfing for an hour, hooting and sharing waves chest to shoulder high.

The “wetsuit chefs” cook up sourdough french toast for breakfast – thus named because they kept on their suits while cooking so they could get another swift session in. Raspberries and honey.

Anchor at Coches, nice conditions but jellyfish funniness in the water. Crew goes hiking. Captain volunteers the Riparetti bros. to assist with scrubbing bottom, which between the three of us takes 1.5hr free diving.

Afternoon is a napping smorgasbord. Later the sea breeze calms and we snorkel, see some Garibaldi and lots of urchins; and a late sunset hike. Dinner is greek kale rice and cherries and chocolate for desert. Cozy fireplace.

Night at Coches is cooler with an offshore breeze, but the hardy crew still prefers sleeping outside, leaving one big bunk open. Arrrr….