LOG: Islands, Friday August 3rd

Breeze ruffling flags in the SB harbor 11:30 as we sail off for Santa Cruz island. Heading to east end, first stop yellowbanks!

Crew are the Riparetti brothers, Alexa and Leslie, my brother Dylan and girlfriend Christine.

We cruise at a dainty 5-6 knots under all three sails, bearing 165 deg and wind 15 knots out the W. Arrive San Pedro Pt after 4.5hr then yellowbanks half hour later. Look around the corner towards blue banks but the wind is howling, clouds pouring over the hills, we backtrack and anchor at yellowbanks. Calm and lovely.

Fireplace warms the cabin to pesto pasta and red wine. Orange full moon rises. A few brave souls sleep on deck.

Engine hours start: 1850.